Hi, my name is Trina.

B.A., Psychology (Hons), University of British Columbia
Currently, Master of Social Work Student


I want to have a conversation about the science of happiness with you.

When I graduated university, I kept reading academic papers about positive psychology. Instead of keeping all this knowledge to myself, I decided to share it with everyone. I wanted those without an academic background to be able to listen in and learn something.

In October 2020, I ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to self-publish A Happier Year. This is a calendar with 366 science-backed actions to foster happiness in your life.

I live in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. In my spare time, you can find me rock climbing, snowboarding down some powdery glades, or making music.

Happy listening!



I want to apply positive psychology to your life, regardless of your academic background.


Create a happier community with science-backed education.


  • Transparency
  • Science-based information