What is the happycast?

This podcast is based on positive psychology, aka the science of happiness.

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Well-being is the word we use to describe "happiness" in scientific research. There are so many dimensions to well-being including: physical well-being, economic well-being, social well-being, psychological well-being, etc.
The science of happiness doesn't just look to see if you're happy and well, but it's goal is to get you flourishing in life. Are you really thriving? It's going above and beyond "happy."
I want to provide you with  information you can use to grow into your best self, and so you can continue growing into a better version of yourself everyday. There is no limit!

About your host

Trina Kushnerik, B.A. Psychology (Honours)
University of British Columbia (Okanagan Campus)  

I am passionate about sharing the science of positive psychology with a wider audience! There is a plethora of wonderful knowledge being created by researchers around the world and I want to share it with you in an easily digestable form so that you can use it and apply it!

I studied psychology for 5 years which included 2 years of research in positive psychology. I was the recipient of an Undergraduate Research Award at the Irving K. Barber School of Arts and Sciences in which I studied positive psychology. The following year I wrote my Undergraduate Honours Thesis on positive psychology. Additionally, I presented research at the International Positive Psychology Association's 5th World Congress in Montreal!    

Episode Guide

If you are interested in the latest episodes, take a peek at the episode guide. I include episode outlines and references to all the studies I mention for those wanting to dig deeper!
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